The 420 Club – the Secret Society for Stoners” – Donations to Cannabis Organizations

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The first thing that I would like to start off with, there is no cost to members, in any which way, or form. There are no membership fees of any kind, we do not accept any donations (option for donations from members may be available in the future), and we will never release any information that you provide to any company or organization of any kind.

All the information that is provided, will always remain confidential, and if you have to supply your email address we will will only contact you when necessary (winner of monthly contest or if you are responsible for inapropriate posts or actions).

Now, let me get to how we earn the funds that are donated to the marijuana organizations or charities. It is quite a simple process for everyone, especially since the funds come from companies for the ads that they have posted on the “Marijuana Articles” that are written by our co-founder, Mary Jane Kush.

Also, the companies that display the advertisements on the article pages, are all right through yahoo, and you will never be contacted by any of them for clicking on article link (So you will not get any spam or have any contact with them unless you choose to do so). You may have already seen a few of her articles, since they are the article links, that are posted by “The 420 Club – the Secret Society for Stoners”.

The 420 Club

So it is a great thing, members get to read some great marijuana articles, tips, humor, and history, and we get to donate to the cause for the legalization of marijuana, and for the research of marijuana for medicinal purposes.It would also eliminate drug testing at the first place..

The one unfortunate thing about it, since it is completely free for everyone, the amount earned from the reading of the articles is quite low ($1.50/1000 link clicks). I know its not going to create thousands and thousands of dollars for each donation, but every dollar helps.

We also post these links on various different webpages, such as, twitter, wordpress, and so on, so members arent the only ones that are helping with donations. We know that in the beginning donations will be of small amounts, but with the amount of locations that we post these articles and the help of our members who read them, the amount will get larger over time.

Especially, since this is something that we are just starting. It is basic mathmatics, the more “The 420 Club – the Secret Society for Stoners” members we have that read these articles, the higher the donation. So please read the articles that we post when you get a chance, not only will you be helping with donations, you may actually like what you read (LOL, sorry Mary Jane Kush).

Plus, if you have already joined our FACEBOOK page, you will find that it is just more than a site with a million links all over the page.

We actually are dedicated to trying to get to know our members, we love to interact with members and have different marijuana related conversations, and to top it off we have free contests with prizes. We truly are a STONER FAMILY!

So if you are a member already, we thank you (Please continue to refer us to all your STONER friends), and if your not a member yet just simply CLICK HERE to join.

We appreciate you taking the time out to read this article…….