Synthetic urine to pass drug test

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Even if weed is legal in many states drug testing at work is still present and if you smoked weed even just a little it can get you in trouble. Till the federal law changes doesn’t matter if its legal in our state or not we need to face with drug tests. How to pass a drug test easily? I always suggest synthetic urine if the test is unsupervised and in most cases it is.

How to choose synthetic urine for drug test

Its important to know what to look for when you are choosing fake urine for your upcoming drug test. Its very important that its not 2017 not 2000 anymore, some low quality fake urine like U pass and agent x doesn’t work anymore.

There was time when you could pass a test just with colored water, but those times are long gone. Drug testing labs step up there game and synthetic urine brands most follow this trend.

Its important to check some synthetic urine reviews online before buying anything, do not check just one site or blog, check more, check facebook pages, youtube channels.

The urine must contain: Urea, Uric acid and some other important chemicals, the best synthetic urine which called Sub Solution contains 13(!) different chemicals. The color, smell and texture of the fake urine must be a same or very similar to real human urine.

There are some artifical chemicals what are found in many synthetic urines , but not found in real human urine, some lab test for this chemical as well, if its found in your sample, you are busted, that’s why its important to buy quality synthetic urine only and do not choose the cheapest one in your local headshop.

Recommended Synthetic urine brands

synthetic urine for drug testThe best synthetic urine in my opinion is Sub Solution, as I mentioned it earlier, but there are other reliable brands as well. Quick fix is quite famous and its really high quality, not as good as Sub Solution, but I would recommend it to anyone. Many people choose Quick fix over Sub Solution because its available in every second smoke shop, if its an SOS situaton, then you might dont have enough time to order Sub Solution online.

For more info on synthetic urine and other detox products, check out Michael boron’s Youtube channel.

Thats why I always recommend to everyone to always have a spare bottle of synthetic urine and a bottle of Detox drink, just in case. If you will be drug tested within 24 hours, you are already prepared, no need to worry anymore. Its a 100-150$ investment only and you can sleep well at night.

Not recommended fake urine brands for drug test

I mentioned fake urine for drug test because there are other uses of fake urine, its quite kinky so I dont want to get into more detail,  but if you buy synthetic urine for sex plays then you can buy any, even magnum synthetic urine can do it:)

However, if you are choosing synthetic urine for drug test then you should avoid: Magnum synthetic urine, U pass, Agent x, Clear stream urine, P sure synthetic urine, Urine Luck and Ultra pure urine as well.

These synthetic urine have bad reps for a reason, the positive comments are usually paid, keep in mind there are a lot of fake synthetic urine reviews online, most of them get paid or they are just promoting their own products.

What to use if the test is supervised

If the drug test is a supervised urine test, then honestly I wouldn’t recommend to use synthetic urine, detox drinks for drug test such as Mega clean or Rescue cleanse are great products and you will most likly pass your test.

However if you insist of using synthetic urine for your supervised drug test, then I would recommend to use a synthetic urine belt. Its a belt with a pocket where you can store the synthetic urine and you can give sample through a small tube. You can wear this device under your short so its undetectable unless the lab assistant comes really close to use, but they usually don’t do that. I have never heard that a lab assistant would watch your dick while you are peeing.

Does synthetic urine work for lab test

Yes it does work, I have passed 7 urine drug test with synthetic urine and the last two was sent to the lab, I also had a concreta and labcorp test and passed it with flying color. Choose the best quality fake urine and you will pass any drug test with ease.