Examining the Obama Marijuana Position

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The history of the Obama marijuana position shows that he is in favor of decriminalization but at the same time doesn’t want to legalize marijuana. Why are so many voters surprised?
January 2004 – Will Obama Legalize Marijuana?

A YouTube recording shows a younger Barack Obama discussing the failure of the war on drugs. He suggests that he is in favor of decriminalizing marijuana; however, he does not want to legalize it. What is the happy middle ground?

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July 2008 — Obama Marijuana Take against a Failed War on Drugs

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, then-candidate Obama mentions a pattern change when it comes to combating drug use. He determines that moving the issue into the public health arena – much like smoking tobacco or using a seat belt – rather than letting the legal system deal with it is bound to have the best results.

December 2008 – Voters Want to Know: Will Obama Legalize Marijuana?

With his groundbreaking use of the Internet to connect with voters, the Obama campaign took a question posted on their website. It dealt with the legalization of marijuana for the sake of taxing and properly regulating it. The unequivocal response was that then president-elect Barack Obama was against legalizing marijuana.

March 2009 – Obama Online Town Hall Meeting Once Against Brings Up the Obama Marijuana Stance

There is nothing new on the western front, and no matter how many times Barack Obama is asked whether or not he will legalize marijuana, the answer is a consistent no. It is interesting to note that the specific Obama online town hall meeting question dealing with pot is – at least according to CNN – virtually identical to the one asked on the Change.gov site toward the end of last year.

Is the Democratic Party Divided when it comes to Legalizing Pot?

San Francisco, California democrat Tom Ammiano has come forward with a controversial Marijuana Bill that proposes to legalize cannabis while also imposing a cannabis tax. Public sentiment is divided about the legalization of the drug, although more and more voters appear to be in favor of it as this point.

This stands in sharp contrast to the president’s position on the issue, and has more than just a few of those in favor of legalizing marijuana wondering just where the change is.