Drugs And Their Effects

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Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body works they can be either good or bad drug. Good drugs are drugs that have a positive effect on your body, and they are legal and easily available while bad drugs are the drugs that can cause harm to the body and most of the time they are illegal. Sometimes good drugs can be turned into bad drugs by the users, and this is called abuse of drugs. Good drugs are easily abused since they are easily and locally available and one can easily abuse it, and it can lead to addiction.

Medical Drugs
Medicine is one example of a good drug. When you fall sick you visit a health center, and a doctor prescribes the drugs for you to relieve pain. Medicines are good drugs, meaning doctors are allowed to prescribe them for patients, stores can sell them, and people are allowed to buy them.

This can be categorized as a good drug since it can be used to cure opioid addiction since it is less addictive

Cocaine can be used for anesthesia During surgery since it has a rapid numbing property. When combined with other compounds into a preparation called TAC, cocaine can also treat minor skin lacerations.

Heroin reduced their use of other drugs by a third, with 50 percent of patients stopping the use of all other drugs within the first year.

Ecstasy contains robust anticancer properties, particularly for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Users take it to feel the euphoric effect. And gives a false illusion. When abused, the person can feel permanently depressed.

Meth is a powerful and dangerous drug that is used to lower appetite and euphoric effect. The use of it can lead to addiction.

Over the counter drugs.
This is one drug that can lead to many other harmful effects since they are readily available.With continuous use one becomes addicted and the drug ceases to work in the body causing more harm.

Alcohol is legal, and it is considered harmful to our bodies. When one is under the influence, they do harmful things to the surrounding people above all they affect somebody organs.
This is one dangerous drug since it affects both the user and the surrounding person.this drug causes harm to internal organs

Drugs can be categorised as either bad or good because of the effect they leave on someone’s body. Even good drugs when abused can turn out to be bad drugs because it will not serve the purpose it is meant to but it will cause more harm to the body.Overuse of bad drugs leads to drug addiction which can be fatal .It is important to follow doctors prescription.