Examining the Obama Marijuana Position

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The history of the Obama marijuana position shows that he is in favor of decriminalization but at the same time doesn’t want to legalize marijuana. Why are so many voters surprised?
January 2004 – Will Obama Legalize Marijuana?

A YouTube recording shows a younger Barack Obama discussing the failure of the war on drugs. He suggests that he is in favor of decriminalizing marijuana; however, he does not want to legalize it. What is the happy middle ground?

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July 2008 — Obama Marijuana Take against a Failed War on Drugs

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, then-candidate Obama mentions a pattern change when it comes to combating drug use. He determines that moving the issue into the public health arena – much like smoking tobacco or using a seat belt – rather than letting the legal system deal with it is bound to have the best results.

December 2008 – Voters Want to Know: Will Obama Legalize Marijuana?

With his groundbreaking use of the Internet to connect with voters, the Obama campaign took a question posted on their website. It dealt with the legalization of marijuana for the sake of taxing and properly regulating it. The unequivocal response was that then president-elect Barack Obama was against legalizing marijuana.

March 2009 – Obama Online Town Hall Meeting Once Against Brings Up the Obama Marijuana Stance

There is nothing new on the western front, and no matter how many times Barack Obama is asked whether or not he will legalize marijuana, the answer is a consistent no. It is interesting to note that the specific Obama online town hall meeting question dealing with pot is – at least according to CNN – virtually identical to the one asked on the Change.gov site toward the end of last year.

Is the Democratic Party Divided when it comes to Legalizing Pot?

San Francisco, California democrat Tom Ammiano has come forward with a controversial Marijuana Bill that proposes to legalize cannabis while also imposing a cannabis tax. Public sentiment is divided about the legalization of the drug, although more and more voters appear to be in favor of it as this point.

This stands in sharp contrast to the president’s position on the issue, and has more than just a few of those in favor of legalizing marijuana wondering just where the change is.

Patriots Defensive Back Willie Andrews Arrested, Adds to List of Super Bowl Arrests

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The Patriots have enough post-Super Bowl bad news on their plate without one of their players getting arrested. Defensive back Willie Andrews, a second year player, plead not guilty this afternoon to a possession of marijuana charge.

According to the Boston Herald, Andrews was pulled over by the Lowell police, who then detected a “strong, pungent odor.” The police officers claimed that they found a half-pound of marijuana with a street value of $500. The charges are another black mark for the Patriots after the Super Bowl, but it is not the first time a Super Bowl team had a player in legal trouble before, or after the big game.

In 1999, Atlanta Falcons safety Eugene Robinson received an award from the Athletes in Action religious group the day before the Super Bowl. Although the day began with promise for Robinson, it was a different story at night. Robinson was arrested at 9 PM on Biscayne Boulevard, where an undercover cop was in a prostitution sting operation.

It was reported that Robinson drove up to the cop and offered her $40 for oral sex. Robinson was released two hours after his arrest, and was allowed to play in the Super Bowl against the Broncos. However, Robinson was beaten on an 80-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter, and the Broncos easily won their second straight Super Bowl.

The next year, a high profile arrest was made against a player who wasn’t in that year’s Super Bowl. Baltimore Ravens defensive star Ray Lewis was attending a party after the St. Louis Rams beat the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. At the Cobalt Lounge that night, two young men were stabbed to death.

Lewis was charged with the murders along with two men that were long time associates of Lewis. The fight was suspected to have started within Lewis’s entourage, who left along with Lewis when gunshots started to fire. However, Lewis was ultimately found not guilty of the charges. Lewis returned to the Super Bowl as a player the next year and won the Super Bowl XXXV MVP award.

In 1988, Stanley Wilson was a fullback for the Cincinnati Bengals, who were about to play the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII. Wilson had been a success despite having violated the NFL’s drug policy twice before, and he had been suspended for all of 1987.

The night before the Super Bowl, Wilson was found snorting cocaine in his hotel room by Bengals coach Sam Wyche. After the Bengals staff took Wilson out of the hotel, Wilson slipped away and went out to buy more cocaine. Wilson did not show up at the Super Bowl, and he did not contact the Bengals team again until the next day.

After the Bengals narrow loss in the Super Bowl, once the news got out about Wilson, he was suspended from the NFL for good.

A History of the Medical Marijuana Moratorium in Glendale

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In June 2016, the Glendale City Council authorized a city ordinance banning medical marijuana dispensaries after considering the issue for over two years. This is a history of Glendale’s moratorium on “pot shops” that led up to the ban.

Fifteen years ago, voters in the State of California passed the “Compassionate Use Act of 1996” allowing legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. Seven years later, the California legislature clarified in the “Medical Marijuana Program Act” that a patient must obtain the recommendation of a physician and an Identification Card to purchase marijuana.

Both laws failed to mention where a patient should go to get the medical marijuana since it is illegal to sell the drug in California for recreational use. Indeed, it was not uncommon to believe at that time, as the Mayor of Costa Mesa said in 2014, that medical marijuana should be dispensed through a pharmacy.

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Few, if any, pot shops existed near the City of Glendale in 2014. In the entire Los Angeles County, there were only four storefront dispensaries, none near Glendale. Four years later, city officials said inquiries to open new shops in Glendale grew from a couple per year to several over a few months. Some of the patients who have used medical marijuana had to use synthetic urine to pass drug tests.

Nearby in the City of Los Angeles, it was a different story as 187 medical marijuana dispensaries registered to operate there in 2015. The City Council imposed a moratorium and immediately received 800 applications for hardship exemptions. By September 20.2015, the number ballooned to 966 registered dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Faced with this encroachment on Glendale, it was now clear that doctors would not be dispensing medical marijuana, although they would be needed to issue the cards. Pot shops seemed here to stay.

Political discussions shifted as the question arose could the people of California tax the dispensaries to solve our budget woes? Momentum began to build for a state-wide ballot measure to legalize marijuana for all uses, to be put to a vote the following year.

Legal issues also became more complex, and other concerns arose. The City awaited the court’s decision in an Anaheim case about whether federal laws banning the use of medical marijuana trumped state laws. The California Police Chiefs Assn. warned that criminal behavior increased around pot shops. Marijuana advocates worried that patients would be unable to access marijuana for their legal medical needs if all dispensaries were banned.

On September, 15, 2014, the Glendale City Council voted for a moratorium on pot shops within the City of Glendale while they considered what to do. It was extended again the following year with no debate.

In November, 2016, the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana failed to pass and discussions ended on the merits of taxing sales. In addition, the appellate court sent the case involving Anaheim’s ban on pot shops back to the trial court for further consideration.
Finally, without waiting for a definitive legal opinion, the Glendale City Council ordered a total ban on dispensaries in June 2017.

Weed legalization leads everyone to be healthy and happy

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Many people in every sector these days eagerly listen to the most recent news about the weed legalization in detail. This is because they understand and ensure about a proper legalization of weed is vital to confidently buy and use it for medical and recreational purposes.  Leading countries in our time legalize the weed after a comprehensive examination of pros and cons of this issue.  You may think that a legalization of weed increases the number of drug abusers in the nation within a short period. However, you have to bear in mind that a proper and a secure supply of the weed to the end user do not lead to any mistreatment.   

The hemp sector will flourish in the nation after the legalization of weed. Hemp plants grow quickly and used for various products like fuel, food, clothing, paper and plastics.  The power of hemp astonishes everyone who experiences it. The most recent evidences of medical use and benefits of weed increase the overall interests of health conscious people towards the legalization of this herb. The law enforcement in the nation will get rid of all obstacles caused by citizens who use the weed for medical or recreational purpose.  Officers in this sector can save their time. They successfully focus on how to enhance the quality of services.

Teenagers and adults in our time consume weed recreationally or medically.  They buy weed from unsecure stores in online at the highest possible prices without a guarantee on quality of the weed. They can overcome this difficult situation when the weed is legalized in their nation. Every dealer of the weed gets the complete support on time and fulfils their expectations on the most convenient way to sell premium yet affordable weed.  They enhance their profession and earn day after day as expected.

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